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Lab members 

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Paz-Kagan Tarin. PhD


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Dr. Tamir Caras


Development of a spatial decision support model to reduce agricultural soil erosion at a watershed scale using remote sensing tools


Mr. Vladimir Alexandroff 

Lab Engineer

Herd presence and the impact of their grazing on biomass and vegetative landscape structure in JNF forests of the central region.


Mr. Vladislav Dubinin

Student - Ph.D

Assessing response to drought stress in dryland forests based on Leaf area organization (LAO) derived from VENμS imagery and LiDAR


Mr. Lior Fine

Student - Ph.D

Developing a system for near-real-time mapping of agricultural crops


Mr. Iaroslav Grozdov

Student - Ph.D

Using remote sensing for precise nitrogen fertilization to estimate the spatial variability in yield and fruit quality in avocados


Mr. Avrodeep Paul

Utilizing advanced earth observation systems to assess the effects of land use and climate change on soil erosion risk

נועם שלג.JPG

Mr. Noam Efrat

Student - MSc

Assessing the spatiotemporal variations in canopy water content using multisensory imagery and testing its link to yield gap in an almond orchard

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Mr. Oren Lauterman

Student - MSc 

Incorporation of winter tree physiology into forecast models of orchards bloom and yield

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Mr. Ofek Woldenberg

Student - MSc

Using remote sensing to quantify temporal and spatial variability in tree canopy nitrogen content and their relationship to yield gap in an almond orchard


Mr. Gome Shalvi

Student - MSc

Smart irrigation and fertilization with new plantation of mixed forest on Mount Gilboa

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Ms. Nechama Zipora Brickner 

Crops Mapping in Near Real-Time Using Satellite Remote Sensing and Machin Learning Approach


Mr. Adi Edry

Student - MSc

Developing a segmentation approach based on high-resolution imagery for near-real-time mapping of crops

Avi Atanelov.jpg

Mr. Avi Tolnov

Developing a classification approach for near-real-time mapping of crops

PXL_20230908_082933769 (1).jpg

Ms. Yuval Tenenboim

CrackSense- object-based detection of fruit cracking by sensing and digital data technologies


Mr. Paz Adziashvili

Student - MSc

CrackSense- High throughput real-time monitoring and prediction of fruit cracking by utilizing and upscaling sensing and digital data technologies in grape wine 


Mr. Tom Collier

Student - MSc

"Using imaging spectroscopy for detecting and mapping soil rehabilitation in a Zin mining area

Yaniv Saville.jpeg

Mr. Yaniv Sevil

CrackSense- High throughput real-time monitoring and prediction of fruit cracking by utilizing and upscaling sensing and digital data technologies in Citrus



Mr.  Yochai Shamai

CrackSense- High throughput real-time monitoring and prediction of fruit cracking by utilizing and upscaling sensing and digital data technologies in Pomegranate 


Mr. Tal Shahar

Enhancing Springtime Heat Stress Tolerance in Avocado Trees with Gibberellin Treatments.


Mr. Bikram acharya

Applying artificial intelligence and chemometrics to diagnose plant Nitrogen status by minerals and metabolites concentration and to optimize orchard fertigation


Mr. Diwas Bhugai

Improving water use efficiency in irrigation for growing almonds to cope with uncertainty in the water supply



Student - Ph.D


Mr. Shay Adar

Using VENµS imagery for quantifying the effect of climate change on pasture quantity and quality


Student - MSc


Mr. Guy Sadot

Development of a LiDAR-Based Model for Monitoringthe Dynamics of Forest Structure as Influenced byThinning Treatments


Student - MSc


Mr. Zeev Cohen

Influence of abiotic factors on forest structure and function in Pinus halepensis and P. brutia pine forests along the climate gradient in Israel


Student - MSc


Mr. Yuli Shaham

Generating a high-resolution method for labile soil P using FeO-impregnated paper combined with spectroscopy


Student - MSc


Mr. Avioz Dagn

Predicting of Canopy Nitrogen Content based on UAVs and Satellites Data Fusion in Citrus Orchards


Student - Ph.D


Dr. Nathan Levi (RIP)

Detection and mapping of anthropogenic effects on soil quality in drylands, using imaging spectroscopy


Student - MSc

Mr.  David Abekasis

Developing a model for forecasting the effect of the climate on citrus cracking and developing a protocol to reduce the problem


Student - MSc

Mr.  Stephane Razzon

Irrigation application effect on citrus cracking, and developing a protocol to reduce the problem


Student -MSc

Mr.  Dolev Termin

Site-Specific Nitrogen Management in Citrus Orchard to Minimize Nitrogen Pollution




Dr.  Noa Hillel

Soil quality index for assessing phosphate mining restoration in a hyper-arid environment


Lab Engineer

Mr.  Doron Haramati

UAV & LiDAR system

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